A Harvard grad invented these $139,000 stackable homes that can be built in under three weeks


Jeff Wilson spent one of his two years as dean of Huston-Tillotson University in Texas living in a dumpster.

The experience made him embrace minimalist living, and inspired him to launch a tiny housing startup, called Kasita, in 2015.

While the experiment was extreme, the experience I gained by living small and simple made a big impression,” Wilson says. “At the end of the year, I left the dumpster with the concept for a new category of housing — a beautiful, small footprint home designed as a solution for the growing housing crisis.”

Based in Austin, Texas, Kasita offers housing units that can sit by themselves or stack to form apartments. The pre-fabricated homes can be assembled off-site and delivered in two to three weeks, Wilson says.

The startup is now selling its first units, which measure 352 square feet and cost $139,000, across the US. There is currently a waitlist for preorders — $1,000 holds a spot.

Keep scrolling to check out the units, which will likely be ready for delivery in June 2017.

Kasita (a startup that gets its name from “casita,” the Spanish word for “little house”) sells tiny housing units that encourage a minimalist lifestyle.

The interiors have a modern look. At 352 square feet, white walls help the units look larger than they are. (For comparison, the average one-car garage measures about 260 square feet.)

The main, open-layout space functions as both a living room and bedroom. In the model unit, a bed pulls out from the sofa (though the units come unfurnished).

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Source: http://www.thisisinsider.com/kasita-tiny-stackable-home-photos-2017-3


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