20 stores that will let you return just about anything

Macy's flagship store manhattan midtown new york

The most convenient feature a company can offer is a generous return policy. Whether you never got around to wearing a pair of pants, or you deeply regret spending $200 on a juicer, a helpful return policy can save you from your bad decisions and help you save money.

The best stores go above and beyond. Retailers like L.L. Bean will take items back after decades, even without a receipt. And Trader Joe’s will take food back even if you already ate some of it.

Here are 20 companies with the best return policies.

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L.L. Bean

The Maine-based outdoor gear and clothing retailer famously has one of the most generous return policies available. They have a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, which has led people to return items that have been used for years or all but destroyed. The company might lose money with such lenient returns, but they consider their promise to the customer important enough — and the word-of-mouth significant enough — that they keep it anyway.

Just note that you’ll have to pay for shipping to return items ordered online unless you go to a physical store or get an L.L. Bean credit card.


This L.L. Bean competitor once had the same generous return policy, but too many people abused it. REI also worried it was getting a reputation as being easily deceived, according to NPR. It had nicknames like “Rental Equipment Inc.,” “Rent Every Item,” and “Return Every Item.”

So REI scaled back their policy, but it’s still incredibly generous. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and any item can be returned within a year of purchase.


Nordstrom, too, curtailed its famously generous return policy. As of this year, it ended its no-questions-asked attitude and doesn’t allow customers to return “Special Occasion” dresses without a tag. It also doesn’t give refunds in cash anymore, unless the customer paid in cash.

Regardless, the Nordstrom return policy is still great for a fashion retailer. Each item is handled on a case-by-case basis, so there’s no hard limit on how much time passes before you can return an item.

Just be sure not to confuse Nordstrom with their sister outlet, Nordstrom Rack, which doesn’t take returns after 90 days.

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