Twitter users are tearing into United after they forcibly removed a passenger from its plane

united twitter meme

Unless you’ve been locked in a nuclear bunker for the past few days, you can’t have failed to miss the incident that occurred on a United Airlines flight set to travel from Chicago to Louisville in the US.

After refusing to give up his seat for cabin crew, David Dao, a doctor practising in Kentucky, was forcibly removed from the aircraft. Unfortunately for United, passengers filmed the whole thing.

The violent nature with which Dao was removed from his seat has sparked backlash and relentless mocking of the airline on Twitter.

These are some of the highlights to come out of the debacle:

“United Airlines, you guys won.”

Tweet Embed:
The Worst PR goes to.. @pepsi !! Ohh wait… Guys, we’ve made a mistake, it’s @United (hand over the award) #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos


The first rule of United Airlines is: You do not talk about United Airlines.

Tweet Embed:
United Airlines is pleased to announce new seating on all domestic flights- in addition to United First and Economy Plus we introduce….


Indie rock artist Mikel Jollet was quick to link the United Airlines blunder with Pepsi’s advert that went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Tweet Embed:
PEPSI: We made the biggest PR blunder of any major company this year.

UNITED: Hold my beer.

 You can see the infamous Pepsi advert here.

See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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