How to do your makeup like a local in 10 countries around the world

woman model doing makeup

A good red lip, a quality mascara, and a great concealer seem to be on-trend no matter where you live. But certain beauty looks have been taking off in some areas of the globe more than others.

INSIDER reached out to senior makeup artists with MAC Cosmetics — which has stores around the world, including in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, France, India, Brazil, and Mexico — to see what kind of trends they’re spotting in their home countries. We asked them about the top makeup trends, styles, and products.

Keep reading to see their responses, and how to do your makeup like a local around the world.

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In the US, intense color and big lashes are key.

It’s been great to see an emergence of color being requested. I’ve been using so much more color on the eyes with navy and deep plum eyeliners,” Ashley Rudder, a MAC senior artist in the US, told INSIDER. “Color on the lips has been a hit as well … specifically, bold matte lip shades in red, orange, burgundy, and eggplant have all been strong requests as well.

Another major trend she’s seeing? Big, beautiful lashes.

This look is achieved with lots of mascara, and possibly with the addition of false lashes everywhere,” she said. “I think it’s pretty smart since it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up your eyes with minimal effort. Plus, it looks great with any lip shade from nude to deep plum.” 

To get the look, Rudder recommends MAC’s Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash in 3D Black: “This mascara creates deep ebony lashes that are voluminous and crazy long. It basically creates a lash wig, since it has tiny fibers that weave in between your lashes to create a gorgeous glamazon lash!” 

In Brazil, people go for a natural look, with matte lips.

Fabiana Gomes, a MAC senior artist based in Brazil, said that Brazilian women love an opaque or matte finish for the lips (her favorite is MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo), as well as the “no makeup” look.

“Brazilian makeup culture was and still is based on a natural look,” she told INSIDER. “In past years, the bold lip statement style took over Brazilian’s woman faces, paired with natural and effortless skin and eyes.”

And just like women the world over, the perfect makeup is tied to what’s cool on social media.

“With constant posts on social media related to makeup, I am seeing an increasing interest in learning how to achieve certain looks on their own,” Gomes said. “It’s very interesting that we are transitioning into a mindset that is more about learning how to do the look and getting the perfect selfie.”

Canadians love their bold brows and matte lips.

In Canada, women are leading with their brows — whether those brows are bold and wild or bleached and barely there.

“Both [looks are] striking and pair well with the second major trend of strong, matte lips,” Melissa Gibson, a MAC senior artist in Canada, told INSIDER. “Beige nudes and deep reds are making an appearance simultaneously.”

If you’re trying to tame your brows, Gibson recommends MAC Brow Set in Clear: “The ultimate gel based formula to control the brow and keep it in place without flaking or becoming stiff but still leaving a slight shine. Great for lashes as well!”

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