One of the most underrated restaurant chains in America is located in a Swedish furniture store


Visiting Ikea can tear the strongest of people apart — but the food can bring them together.

Many people may not know that every Ikea location has its own full-service restaurant.

In addition to serving iconic Swedish meatballs, the restaurant offers numerous dishes served in an elevated cafeteria style with a Swedish twist. 

Business Insider decided to visit the local Ikea in Brooklyn to peruse the furniture giant’s smorgasbord of culinary offerings — no assembly required. 

Ikea’s restaurant opens at every morning at 9:30 a.m. We arrived around 10:30.

We were shocked to see how spacious and inviting the cafeteria is. Unsurprisingly, the decor was all Ikea — bright, minimal, and practical. The views, however, were exceptional: the Statue of Liberty to the west, and the soaring skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan to the north. 

Breakfast was in order. Incredibly, everything on this tray cost a grand total of $7.37 — including tax.

We decided on the $2 Swedish-American breakfast, which includes eggs, sausage, home fries, and Swedish pancakes with a side of lingonberry jam. We also grabbed two pastries, and four drinks: coffee, chocolate milk, and two Swedish-inspired juice boxes. Notably, the coffee was just 75¢ with free refills. That could very well be one of the best caffeination deals in Brooklyn.

For $2, the Swedish-American breakfast was solid.

The eggs exceeded expectations. They are smooth, dense, and avoid being a watery mess as cafeteria eggs often are. Ikea falls short with the home fries, which are under seasoned — a dash of salt and pepper would go a long way. The sausages are on par with most diner side sausages: flavorful, but not memorable. 

The star of the dish is the lingonberry jam, served with the Swedish pancakes — or as they say in France, crepes. The pancakes themselves are light, buttery, and thin, but they don’t sparkle without the aid of the delicious jam. It brings a pleasant pucker to the palate and helps the whole meal punch above its $2 weight class.

See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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