My favorite lipstick costs $14 — and it stays on all day


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Sephora Collection’s Cream Lip Stain for $14 has become my go-to lip product.
  • It stays on virtually all day, with the color staying on for well over six hours  after application.
  • I pushed the product to its limits for a test, having a messy salad and several hot drinks to see how much product stayed on. While some of it came off, the color was still visible.

Last October, just a few days before my City Hall wedding, I walked into Sephora in the hopes of figuring out what I should wear on my lips for one of the most important days of my life.

All I wanted was a lipstick that did two things: give my lips a gorgeous color that would make me look amazing in photos (duh); and second, stay on my face after the “you may now kiss the bride” part.

I was prepared to spend up to $50 on a good quality lip product. But I was delighted to find one for a fraction of that amount: Sephora Collection’s Cream Lip Stain, which cost me $14.

Sephora Collection lip stain

The Sephora makeup artist assisting me was clearly accustomed to clueless brides-to-be. He took one look at me and picked out the Marvellous Mauve shade of the Sephora lip stain, which he said would complement my olive skin tone (making me look good in photos), and stay on for a long time.

When he brought out the lip stain, I was skeptical; it looks more like a gloss, and applies like one. But the liquid dried fast onto my lips, and I loved the color and texture.

On my wedding day, the color stayed on throughout the City Hall ceremony (and the almost two-hour wait time beforehand), and the lunch afterwards. It was the best item in my wedding day makeup kit, and I loved it how it looked.

This is what it looked like when I first applied it to get ready.

Getting ready

Here’s how it looked after lunch.

Wedding photo

Since then, I’ve been wearing it nearly every day. If I want it to look casual during the day, I usually dab my lips a few times with a tissue after applying so the color doesn’t look too bold. And when I’m going for a more dramatic look, I like to line my lips with the stain first, then paint the product on thicker.

The only downside is that the lip stain feels a little dry, but I put on lip balm before to counteract this.

I know that when I’m wearing the stain, it’s there to stay for most of the day. I only really need to reapply if I’ve been eating something super messy, like a taco, or if I want the color to look as vibrant as when I first put it on in the morning.

The color starts to fade slightly after around half a day of wear, but even without reapplying you would still be able to tell I’m wearing lipstick. And when it comes to removing my makeup before bed, I’ve found that plenty of the stain comes out on the wipe.

The lip stain test

To put my lip stain to the ultimate test, I recently documented what it looks like during a typical work day. I made sure to have super messy food and hot drinks throughout the day to really push the product to its limits.

8 a.m.: I applied the lip stain minutes before this photo was taken.


9.30 a.m.: While having breakfast at my desk, I spotted some lipstick residue on my coffee cup.

coffee cup

2 p.m.: Over six hours after application, I’ve just finished eating a salad with lots of mushy avocado — which required wiping my mouth with a napkin more than a few times. The color is beginning to fade, but you can still tell I’m wearing lipstick.


6 p.m.: I took this photo at the end of the work day. After drinking three cups of green tea and eating more snacks than I’d care to divulge, my lips could use a touch-up. Though the lip stain is barely visible, there’s still some color left.


The verdict

Ultimately, I’m impressed with the lip stain. If you’re not going too hard on messy salads and hot drinks, the product stays on strong. And it’s the only lip product I’ve worn that cost me less than $20 and lasted me through the day.

If you want your lips to look the way they did in the morning, you might want to touch up the lip stain after half a day of wear. But if you don’t care about having a Sephora ad-worthy look, you could leave it and there would still be some color on your lips by the end of the day.

Just don’t think you can get away with eating Sweetgreen’s Guacamole Greens salad and still have flawless lips after. No makeup can survive that.

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