Wendy’s has a huge nuggets crisis it is refusing to address (WEN)

Chicken Nuggets 4

Everyone is talking about Wendy’s nuggets, thanks to one teenager’s viral tweet. 


However, instead of congratulating Wendy’s for becoming the subject of what will likely be the most retweeted post in Twitter’s history, Americans need to focus on a different, more upsetting subject — the loss of Wendy’s spicy nuggets. 

Earlier this year, Wendy’s began pulling spicy chicken nuggets from the menu in all but a handful of select cities in the US, a decision that sparked backlash from many nugget lovers. 

Now that people have Wendy’s nuggets on the mind, thanks to Carter’s viral tweet, many are once again airing their grievances in regards to the death of the spicy nugget. 




The is one issue that Wendy’s Twitter account, usually an atypically chatty and sassy brand, doesn’t seem to have a witty response for. 


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