14 secret ways to get the most out of your Instagram

Instagram Story

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Instagram is the ultimate schmoozer of the social media world.

After all, it’s no secret that the Facebook-owned company has spent the past year copying Snapchat’s best features. And to rub salt in the wound, Instagram Stories officially became more popular than Snapchat last Thursday.

On Monday, the app released a feature that lets you organize saved photos into private collections. If that sounds familiar, maybe you’ve heard of a little something called Pinterest?

Instagram shows no signs of slowing down, and the app has its own trove of new and very cool tricks. Here are 14 of our favorites, and how you can use them, too:

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1. Create private collections from your saved photos using Instagram’s newest feature.

Since Instagram gave users the ability to save posts in December 2016, 46% have saved at least one post.

Now, with the app’s latest feature, you can organize these saved photos into private collections. It’s basically like creating a Pinterest board, or a Facebook album, so you can better keep track of trendy food spots, rewatch funny videos, get inspired, and more.

To create your first collection, simply tap and hold the bookmark icon at the bottom right of a post. You can edit, add, or remove Collections in the saved photos section on your profile, as pictured above.

2. Decorate your Instagram Stories by taking selfies that turn into custom stickers.

Instagram’s entire Stories feature is borrowed from Snapchat — from the filters (swipe left or right on your photo) to the drawing tool (use your finger to write on the screen). 

Its new Selfie Stickers are no different. A more limited version of Snapchat’s scissors tool, this new feature turns selfies into stickers that you can add to your photo or video Story. All you have to do is tap the Stickers icon at the top of your Story screen, tap the icon with your Instagram profile picture, and take a selfie.

As with other Instagram stickers (e.g., geostickers, clock and weather stickers, etc.), tap the Selfie Sticker to change its design. You can also pinch in and out to change the size of the Selfie Sticker.

3. Add stickers that move along with your video and Boomerang Stories.

I’m a big fan of moving emojis. Snapchat did it first, but you can now pin stickers to videos or Boomerangs on Instagram, too.

The process is easy: Just choose a sticker (or take a Selfie Sticker) and tap and hold it anywhere on the screen. Then, scroll backward or forward through your video or Boomerang to find the perfect spot for your sticker. Finally, tap “Pin” when you’re done.

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