This might be the tiniest laptop in the world right now

gpd pocket

Remember netbooks? The tiny ultra-portable laptops? One Chinese tech company is bringing them back.

The GPD Pocket is an absolutely tiny laptop that runs the full version of Windows 10, and it fits in your pocket.

It might sound like a netbook, but its premium build and decent specs differentiates it from traditional netbooks that felt cheap and were incredibly underpowered.

The GPD Pocket went through an Indiegogo campaign that raised over $3 million. Unfortunately, the campaign is closed, and there’s no way to pre-order a unit right now. The Indiegogo page says the first GPD Pockets will ship in June, but it’s unclear when they’ll be widely available to buy after that.

Take a look:

The GPD Pocket is a tiny laptop with a 7-inch touchscreen that runs the full version of Windows 10.

It weighs in at just over one pound.

It is truly tiny.

And fits in large pockets.


See the rest of the story at INSIDER

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