21 hilarious reviews of the most ridiculous Amazon products

Amazon Weird Products

The INSIDER Summary:

  • From groceries to jeans, Amazon sells almost everything you need at this point.
  • The site also has a plethora of unique products, to say the least.
  • INSIDER picked the funniest reviews for 21 ridiculous products you’ll find on Amazon.


At this point, Amazon sells almost everything you could ever want or need. The company has made it possible for you to buy a new phone, get groceries, and shop for jeans — all in one place.

You will also find, among the site’s many gems, some truly ridiculous products. If you’re looking for the perfect gag gift, or a gift for someone you just straight up hate, your search ends here.

INSIDER rounded up the funniest reviews for 21 of the weirdest Amazon products you can buy right now, at your own risk.

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For only $39,000, you too can own these affordable “Niagara” Waterfall Diamond Glass Speakers.

Buy on Amazon for $39,004.71

Or, for the same amount, you can buy 1,300 tasteful peel-and-stick posters of this stock photo instead.

Buy on Amazon for $30.30

Another must-have product, “Crafting with Cat Hair” will teach you skills you never wanted in the first place.

Buy on Amazon for $9.10

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