The founder of Bulletproof Coffee shares the morning routine that sets him up for success

dave asprey bulletproof coffeeDave Asprey, a cloud computing executive turned biohacking guru, has built a multimillion-dollar empire around his DIY approach to enhancing human performance. And it all started with a cup of buttered coffee.

Asprey is the founder and CEO of Bulletproof, a wellness company that sells books, cognitive enhancement supplements (or “smart drugs”), and Bulletproof Coffee — a proprietary blend of specialty coffee, unsalted butter, and oil made from coconut extract. Last year, the company sold 48 million cups of coffee.

When it comes to his morning routine, the 43-year-old entrepreneur practices what he preaches.

Each day, Asprey wakes up on an organic farm in Vancouver and swallows a fistful of pills designed to boost his energy, focus, and brain function. They include Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body and helps cells produce energy more efficiently, and activated charcoal, a form of carbon that’s been shown to ease gas and bloating. (The photo below shows an extra-large load of vitamins that Asprey took after New Year’s Eve.)

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