This photographer turns creepy abandoned buildings into backdrops for haunting high-fashion photo shoots


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Karen Jerzyk found new emotional depth in her photography after her father died.
  • She’s looks for abandoned places to feature in her work.
  • Her photos of models in couture gowns and intense makeup evoke the spooky settings.

Karen Jerzyk will take dilapidated hospitals, creepy asylums, and deserted homes over a professional photography studio any day.

Jerzyk has driven through 20 states looking for abandoned properties to transform into settings for spectacular, emotional photos. She clears piles of junk to make room for models in striking makeup and billowing gowns, and lets each run-down room tell its own story.

Here’s a selection of her haunting photos.

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Karen Jerzyk started doing concert photography, then fell into portrait work.

She couldn’t afford her own studio at the time, so she would look for places to shoot outside.

While searching for possible locations online, she came across a picture of a deserted theater in Connecticut.

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