Thousands took to the streets to protest Trump on his 100th day — here are the photos

A demonstrator wears a Donald Trump mask during a

The Trump administration is off to a rocky start, and protesters in Washington and New York City have decided to call it out. 

Demonstrators took the streets in Manhattan and in front of the White House on Saturday to protest President Trump’s policies, particularly those on climate change.

Since taking office, Trump has taken a number of steps to roll back much of former president Obama’s legacy on climate change through executive orders and congressional review. Among other things, Trump authorized the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, he repealed much of Obama’s Clean Power Plan, rolled back regulations on the fossil fuel industry, and appointed climate change skeptic Scott Pruitt to head up the Environmental Protection Agency. 

As climate scientists and much of the scientific community have raised alarms about the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change, environmental activists and anti-Trump protesters have gathered steam against the latest administration’s climate policies. Last week, people took part in the March For Science on Earth Day. Today, they took to the streets once again to denounce Trump and his environmental policies on his 100th day in office.

Check out photos of the marches below: 

Trump’s first 100 days have been marred with controversies. The latest point of contention is the administration’s tax plan, which critics say primarily benefits the wealthy and corporations. A protester dressed as Trump grasps his head as another holds a sign which says, “100 Days of Pampering Billionaires,” with a photo of Treasury secretary Mnuchin.

A giant puppet depicting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is carried among demonstrators during a People’s Climate March, to protest Trump’s stance on the environment, in Washington.

Demonstrators march down Pennsylvania Avenue past the White House. One protester holds a sign that says “Water is Life.”

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