This company is offering a whole year of rent-free accommodation in London in return for managing its social media


Living in London isn’t cheap. This is especially true if you work in a creative industry and you’re expected to complete months of unpaid internships before you start earning a half-decent salary.

While some people can live off the bank of mum and dad for a while, others aren’t so lucky. For some people, this can make breaking into their dream job incredibly difficult. 

If this applies to you, today might be your lucky day. Rental company UNCLE has just started advertising for someone to manage their social media. In return, the company will offer the chosen candidate 12 months living in one of its properties rent-free.

The competition is targeting young professionals who “want to live in a buzzing city, but need the peace of mind that comes with a good deal and a landlord they can trust.”

The ideal candidate should have plenty of “witty and refined” content ideas to help spread the world about UNCLE’s apartments on social media.

On the application the company is asking to see your ideas in whatever format you want to work with: a photo, 60-second video, meme or GIF, illustration, infographic, or blog.

“We’re not fussy,” the advert says.

If you think this sounds like the ideal opportunity for you, you can apply here. The competition will start on Monday May 8 and run through to July.

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