The Honda Civic has returned to greatness

Honda Civic Sport

In 2016, Honda unleashed its new 10th-generation Civic sedan to rave reviews — even taking home the crown as the 2016 North American Car of the Year. It was a refreshing return to form for the Civic after the steady-selling, but critically panned, ninth-generation model.

Last year, Honda sold nearly 367,000 10th-gen Civics in the US — making it the second-best-selling car in the country. And for good reason: It’s comfortable, roomy, loaded with tech, and incredibly fuel efficient. In fact, a few of my friends were among those who bought new Civics last year and are head over heels in love with them.

But I, for one, was never truly smitten with the new model. Perhaps it’s the lackadaisical continuously variable transmission that muffles any and all dynamism from the driving experience or the infuriatingly ill-conceived infotainment system or even the oddly proportioned rear-end styling.

You see, when it comes to Civics, I’m a traditionalist. That means I’m partial to one with a peppy four-cylinder engine, a lively transmission, and nimble driving dynamics wrapped up in a user-friendly package.

Recently, Honda dropped off the latest variant of its hot-selling compact — the Civic Sport — for Business Insider to check out.

Our Civic Sport came with no optional extras, which meant the $22,135 base price is also our as-tested price.

Here’s how it fared.

Since it debuted for the 1973 model year, the Honda Civic has been one of the most consistently high-achieving cars in the automotive industry.

Armed with a gutsy-yet-buttery-smooth four-cylinder engine and an affordable price tag, along with …

… a simple, high-quality, and thoughtfully executed interior …

See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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