You can officially order Tesla’s solar roof — here’s everything you need to know (TSLA)

elon musk solar roof

Tesla’s solar roof has officially arrived — at least some versions of it.

Tesla began accepting orders for its smooth glass and textured glass solar shingle options Wednesday afternoon. The company’s Tuscan glass and French slate shingles, however, won’t be available for purchase until 2018.

Tesla unveiled its solar roof in late October, about a month before the company acquired SolarCity in a $2.1-billion deal.

Here’s everything we know about the new solar roof:

Tesla will eventually offer four types of shingles to match different housing aesthetics in an effort to get homeowners to ditch clunky solar-panel add-ons in favor of a beautiful roof.

Tesla announced Wednesday that the typical homeowner will pay $21.85 per square foot for the solar roof. For a 3,000-square-foot home, that would amount to $65,000. Customers must place a $1,000 deposit to order the solar roof.

You can buy the solar roof here.

Musk originally said that the solar roof will likely cost less than a traditional roof, even before factoring in the price of electricity. But the company back-peddled slightly on that promise Wednesday.

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