The internet banded together to help find a teen girl who lost contact with her friend in Manchester

ariana grande concert

The INSIDER Summary:

  • After an attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, 22 people have died, dozens are injured, and many are missing.
  • But one teenager was safely located thanks to viral attention on Twitter. 
  • The teen later confirmed to her Twitter followers that she is safe and sound.

The devastating attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester left 22 dead and dozens injured. Many others are still considered missing

But one teenager was able to locate a friend who attended the concert thanks to the power of Twitter, ABC News reports

On Monday night, a Twitter user named Riley posted this image, asking if anyone had information on the whereabouts of her friend Heather:


In a series of subsequent tweets she explained that Heather was 16 years old and had traveled from Scotland to Manchester by herself to attend the Ariana Grande concert. But Riley had lost contact with Heather and couldn’t reach her phone.

Riley’s plea for information was retweeted more than 30,000 times — and just one hour later, it actually worked. 

Nathan Lamb, 17, replied to Riley’s tweet, writing, “She’s safe, we’re at a Premier Inn right now on Medlock street. we saw her on the street and her phone was dead so we let her stay with us.”

He shared this photo of Heather as proof:


Finally, both Riley and Heather took to Twitter to announce that it all was true: Heather really was safe and sound.



The heartwarming story captivated Twitter users in the wake of the tragic attack.

“A happier ending amongst all the tragedy [sic],” musician Conor Hayward tweeted. “I hope every other missing person is also found to be safe.” 

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