The best thing about dating someone from every astrological sign

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If you ask someone “What’s your sign?” as a pickup line, they may think you’re cheesy and old-fashioned. But if you’re looking to get to know the person you’re hitting on, you may be onto something.

Every zodiac sign comes with their own set of traits, and each are distinctly different in their own way. While you can’t tell everything about another person by their zodiac sign, INSIDER spoke with Sally Kirkman, astrologer and consultant to the astrological stars, to get the low-down on all the pros of dating each sign. 

So whether you’re dating a proud Leo or a stubborn Taurus, Kirkman says that getting to know what each sign wants and needs can help your relationship — especially if your signs aren’t the most compatible

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AQUARIUS: They are unconventional.

You know your friend that is just unbelievably cool? This person always has the best taste in music, takes you to fun bars, and has knowledge on things you’ve never even heard of. Are they an Aquarius by chance? 

Kirkman said that the best trait of an Aquarius is that they’re unconventional. They like what they like, and it’s usually not in the mainstream. They march to the beat of their own drummer and if you’re lucky enough to date one, you’ll be all the more interesting for it. 

They’re an air sign, which Kirkman told us makes them “sociable and communicators,” which may explain why they just seem so cool.  

They’re also known for being principled, Kirkman says. They have a strong moral compass and will stand up for what is right. You’ll love discussing the issues of the day with them and be truly taken with their passion for the world and its problems. 

Famous examples: Harry Styles, Christiano Ronaldo, and Paris Hilton.

Compatible partners: Virgo or Cancer

PISCES: They have a big imagination.

If you’re dating a Pisces and you text them that you’ve had a bad day, don’t be surprised when they send you a love letter back and are waiting to talk it out with you when you get home. Kirkman points out that Pisces are known for being empathetic.

They hurt as you hurt, so they will always be the ones you run to for comfort. You can chock that up to their being a water sign, which Kirkman said makes them “emotional and sensitive.”

They’re also imaginative, so in better times, you’ll love to spend your day with them cooking up adventures and listening to the weird and wonderful things that come out of their mouths. They are always creating and crafting a whole world in their heads, which makes any day dating a Pisces an interesting one. 

Famous examples: Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, and Jessica Biel.

Compatible partners: Libra or Leo

ARIES: They are big and bold.

Dating an Aries is a seriously good time. 

They are naturally bold, Kirkman says, which makes every day feel new and exciting. They are not wallflowers and their big personality and lack of fear will bring out the boldness in you, too. 

You think that they won’t go there, but then an Aries will say something so out-of-the-box and brave that you’ll fall in love all over again. They’re a fire sign which Kirkman told us makes them “dynamic and fun-loving” by nature. 

They’re also enthusiastic. That means when you’re doing something, they’re really all in. You won’t catch them browsing Instagram while you’re on a beautiful hike — they’ll be talking about how beautiful you and the sunset are. 

Famous examples: Kirsten Stewart, Robert Downey Jr., and James Franco.

Compatible signs: Virgo or Scorpio

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