A fitness blogger’s Photoshopped bikini photo shows how misleading Instagram can be

photoshop bikiniThe INSIDER Summary:

  • Psychologist and fitness blogger Stacey Lee shared a Photoshopped bikini photo of herself next to an untouched photo on Instagram to highlight how it was edited. 
  • The photo has been liked over 15,000 times so far.
  • Lee wanted to show how Photoshopped images can foster unrealistic expectations, and urges Instagram users to stop following accounts that make them feel bad about themselves.

Instagram can be an intimidating place if your feed is full of photos of people with seemingly perfect bodies.

While we know angles and lighting can make all the difference, many people turn to Photoshop to alter their Instagram photos.

Fitness blogger and psychologist Stacey Lee wants social media users to become more aware of how Photoshopped images give them unrealistic ideas about appearance. She has even stopped following social media accounts that use Photoshop, People reports.

To demonstrate just how deceiving manipulated images can be, the Australian blogger posted an unedited photo of herself in a bikini next to a Photoshopped version and pointed out the changes she made:

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