A 19-year-old star shut down haters who called her outfit ‘slutty’ in an Instagram post

Ariel Winter_Noam Galai_3

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Actress Ariel Winter was slut-shamed by the paparazzi for wearing a pair of shorts to the grocery store.
  • In response, she posted the photo along with a sarcastic caption to Instagram.
  • “‘Ariel in SLUTTY SHORTS & live in lover Levi’  like ok can we just live and not be followed?” the actress wrote in her Instagram caption.
  • An advocate for body positivity, Winter frequently fends off haters’ sexist comments about her body and outfits.


Ariel Winter is used to shutting down slut-shaming comments. She did it again on Tuesday night, after a paparazzi photo scrutinized the outfit she wore to go grocery shopping.

The 19-year-old “Modern Family” star posted the photo that criticized her for wearing “slutty” shorts and a cropped sweatshirt to the grocery store with her boyfriend Levi Meaden on Instagram.

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