A mom slammed the designer of her daughter’s trainwreck prom dress that cost $300

prom dress

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Malexa Maeweather ordered a one-of-a-kind prom dress from a designer.
  • When she got her $300 dress the night before prom, it was essentially unwearable.
  • Maeweather and her mom, Dee Lewis, were angry and upset.
  • Lewis called the designer out in a viral Facebook post.
  • According to the Facebook post, the designer refuses to give Lewis a refund for the dress.

Everyone wants to make their prom unforgettable.

Some teens like Malexa Maeweather from Rochester, NY, spend money on custom-made gowns to make sure the night is extra special.

But things went horribly wrong for Maeweather when she got her $300 gown back from the designer — and found that it was a huge prom dress fail.

Her mom, Dee Lewis, was also outraged over how the dress turned out, and she called out the designer in a scathing Facebook post.

“So Kia Wagner called my daughter Malexa Maeweather THE NIGHT b4 prom to pick up her dress which she charges $300 for,” Lewis wrote. “R u serious.. was i wrong for wanting my DEPOSIT BACK…”

Maeweather reportedly burst into tears when she first saw the floor-length, sheer, and feather-embellished dress, according to Yahoo Style.

For a $100 deposit the designer, Kia Wagner, said she would design a dress with materials she already had, Yahoo reports. Maeweather didn’t even know what the dress would look like until the night before her prom.

The teen decided to have a local designer create a custom prom dress for her when the dress she initially wanted became unavailable.

Once she got the dress back, Maeweather hated it so much she wouldn’t wear it. Luckily, one of Lewis’ friends came to the rescue with an old prom dress just hours before the June 2 dance. Malexa ended up wearing an altered version of that dress to prom.

The night ultimately turned out picture-perfect, but the situation isn’t totally resolved.

According to Lewis’ Facebook post, Wagner will not refund Lewis the $300 for a dress that she didn’t wear. “She didn’t offer any reimbursement as a professional courtesy,” Lewis told Yahoo.

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Source: http://www.thisisinsider.com/mom-shares-photos-of-daughters-prom-dress-fail-2017-6


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