9 things you never knew about Disney parks, according to a man who played Goofy for 20 years

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The INSIDER Summary:

• Reddit user Ihaveanotheridentity held an AMA about what it’s like to work at a Disney park.
• He revealed that there are cast member cliques and secret tunnels beneath the parks.
• There are also strict rules of conduct for the people playing your favorite characters.

Reddit user Ihaveanotheridentity warned those who wanted to preserve the Disney magic to avoid his AMA. Having worked at Disney World for over 20 years, he’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the happiest place on Earth.

In between sharing heartwarming stories and lamenting how corporate he says Disney has become compared to the good old days, he dropped some pretty fascinating facts about the parks that only someone with insider knowledge could share.

Here are 9 behind-the-scenes secrets straight from the underbelly of the Disney parks.

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Disney World is actually the second floor of a massive system of underground tunnels.

“Its full name is the Utilidor,” he said. “It’s a series of corridors that allow cast members to work behind the scenes and not disrupt the show on-stage. It’s actually kind of boring in some places and it’s creepy in others. That being said there are some aspects that are unique. The Automatic Vacuum Assisted Collection System is a series of tubes that connect all of the restaurants to the central dump that’s behind Splash Mountain. That way the smelly trash can travel secretly below without people seeing it. 7 of the old attractions (like It’s a Small World and the Country Bear Jamboree) are still run from the Utilidor. In addition, there are 2 restaurants, a barber shop and offices down there.”

There’s a “Disney jail” for disruptive guests.

“It’s just a room over the candy shop on main street,” Ihaveanotheridentity said. “There’s an officer back there that takes people to the local jail on 33rd street in Orlando.”

Characters are cliquey, and there’s a hierarchy with “cool” characters at the top.

“Some of the break rooms are like the high school cafeteria where the ‘cool’ princesses (Elsa and Anna) sit on one side and make eyes at the ‘old’ characters (Snow and Poppins),” he said. “It’s really childish.”

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Source: http://www.thisisinsider.com/disney-parks-secrets-from-former-cast-member-2016-12


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