Beyoncé and Jay Z were seen heading to a hospital and now fans believe the singer’s twins are coming


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Beyoncé announced in February that she’s expecting twins with husband Jay Z.
  • The two were reportedly spotted heading to a West Los Angeles, California hospital, according to on Tuesday.
  • US Weekly reports there’s extra security in place at an LA hospital.
  • Now fans are speculating she’s in labor — or maybe even had the twins already.
  • It has not been confirmed if Beyoncé is in labor.

The day may soon be upon us, Beyhive. reports Beyoncé and Jay Z were seen heading to a West Los Angeles hospital Tuesday night, and now fans are convinced the singer is in labor and her twins could be coming soon. 

According to HollywoodLife, Beyoncé’s security was seen leaving her home Wednesday morning with two baby seats heading to the hospital. Multiple sources confirmed to Us Weekly there is a “significant amount of security” at a Los Angeles-based hospital.

Beyoncé announced her pregnancy in February via an Instagram post which was part of an elaborate photoshoot.

While there’s no confirmation Beyoncé is actually in labor, fans on social media are convinced the singer’s twins could be coming as early as today. Naturally, they’re freaking out.

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