This photographer visited an abandoned hotel in Bali and the photos are hauntingly beautiful

Abandoned Hotel Bali

French photographer Romain Veillon has traveled around the globe capturing abandoned places that range from a ghost town in Namibia to the Soviet remains of Bulgaria.

The photographer’s book, “Ask the Dust,” includes photographs from his various excursions.  

His most recent photo series, “The Ghost Hotel,” features a hotel in the highlands of Bali that has stood vacant for over a decade. The photos are striking, but in a haunting way.

Keep scrolling to see Veillon’s work.

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According to Veillon, the hotel was never named because it was never actually in operation.

Located in Bali’s highlands, the hotel sits in the north of the country, near the village of Bedugul, which is about 30 miles from the capital city, Denpasar.

Veillon says that not much is known about the hotel. The locals he spoke with offered little to no information.

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