People are calling out this Instagram star for doing crunches while 6 months pregnant

sarah stage pregnant exercise

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Instagram-famous model Sarah Stage is six months pregnant.
  • She recently posted a video of herself doing a workout that included crunches.
  • Followers criticized her for doing crunches while pregnant.
  • Exercise is recommended during pregnancy, but experts say pregnant women should “avoid long periods of lying flat on their backs.”

Just over two years ago, lingerie model Sarah Stage went viral for posting a selfie of her “pregnancy six pack,” as it was dubbed in various news stories. People couldn’t believe that Stage retained defined ab muscles in the late stages of her pregnancy. Some people doubted that she was pregnant at all. 

But Stage really did give birth to a nine-pound baby boy in 2015 — and she maintained that her toned belly bump was simply the result of being in shape both before and during her pregnancy. 

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