A Domino’s delivery guy faced down riot police at the G20 summit just to deliver pizza

domino's pizza g20

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Footage of a Domino’s delivery man making his way through crowds of protesters and riot police in Hamburg has gone viral.
  • Hamburg, Germany is the site of the annual G20 summit, which has attracted thousands of anti-capitalist and anti-greed protesters from around the world.
  • That didn’t seem to deter this delivery guy, who made his way through the commotion to do his job.

Mail carriers may be known for working through all kinds of conditions, but pizza delivery guys now have a leg up thanks to one intrepid Domino’s employee in Germany. 

Footage of the tenacious worker, who appeared to deliver pizzas through crowds of violent protesters and riot police in Hamburg, Germany during the G20 summit‘s “Welcome to Hell” protests, has gone viral.


With dogged determination, the anonymous pizza delivery guy appears to speed up to a line of police wearing riot gear. Some on Twitter said he symbolized the spirit of the revolution. Others wondered if some hungry demonstrator just couldn’t wait any longer for a slice while protesting the effects of a greed-driven capitalistic society. 

 Of course, the Internet had plenty to say about this unlikely hero:



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