A Russian official posted and then deleted the photo of Ivanka Trump taking her father’s seat at the G-20 summit

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A Russian official at the G-20 Summit tweeted, then deleted a photo of Ivanka Trump taking her father’s seat alongside world leaders that sparked critiques of the first daughter’s role at the summit. 

Svetlana Lukash, who is serving as a Russian emissary at the summit, tweeted on Saturday that Ivanka “replaces Pres Trump at the #G20 table as he leaves for bilateral meetings.”

The tweet was deleted around 10 am ET. 

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet: 


In the photo, Ivanka sat next to Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May on her left, and Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her right. 

A representative for Ivanka Trump told the Washington Post that she had “briefly joined the main table when the President had to step out” of the working session on “Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health.” 

Lukash has been live tweeting the G-20 Summit, with a number of tweets still up on her account centered on the participation of the first daughter. 





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Source: http://www.thisisinsider.com/russian-official-deletes-photo-ivanka-trump-g20-2017-7


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