People are posting botched panoramic photos from their phones — and it’s utterly terrifying

botched panorama reddit cropped

The INSIDER Summary:

  • A photo of someone who sneezed in the middle of taking a panoramic selfie looks terrifying.
  • It demonstrates the weird images you can get while taking a panorama photo with an iPhone or Android phone.
  • The Instagram hashtag #panoramafail has more examples.
  • The photos can distort your body, make you lose limbs, but they can also make you look magical.

If you’ve ever taken a panoramic photo with your phone, you know that it’s hard to make them perfect. If anything moves between frames, it can look like a glitch in reality, or a body horror experience.

Reddit user JuddJasper found that out when taking a selfie with his girlfriend, as Cosmopolitan noticed. His phone has a “wide selfie” function that works a lot like a panorama. His girlfriend sneezed mid-photo, and came out looking like she had two heads.

The Instagram hashtag #panoramafail has more examples of the phenomenon.

Distorted faces are very common.

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