These beautiful tiny homes cost less than $20,000 to build — take a look inside

Art Farm Cottages 0059

A team of architecture students designed a seemingly impossible home.

After more than a decade of designing, editing, and reworking, the students at Rural Studio — Auburn University ‘s architectural-design program — built two cottages in 2016 with raw materials that cost just $14,000 each. (The team calls them the “20K Homes.”)

The goal was to create a model for building homes that are both beautiful and affordable. 

In late summer 2017, Rural Studio will begin planning two more homes with materials that cost even less than $14,000. The students expects to start construction in early 2018.

Take a look inside the first two homes.

The Rural Studio students built the homes at Serenbe, a community of nearly 500 people in northwestern Georgia. The site features a 25-acre organic farm, seasonal Saturday farmers markets, art galleries, films, and lectures.

“There’s a need for affordable homes to be designed with integrity,” Serenbe cofounder Steve Nygren told Business Insider. “We need to downsize in general.”

The 500-square-foot homes’ walls are primarily made from local pine lumber, and the roofs are made tin. They share a connected wooden porch.

See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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