We compared Business Class meals to Economy Class meals on 8 different airlines — and the difference was staggering

Champagne plane first class

Eating well on a plane? It’s possible, but it will cost you.

While plane food is notoriously bad (though some dishes are better than others), spending a few extra thousand dollars can make all the difference.

We looked at the in-flight meals served on Business and on Economy Class on eight different airlines to see just how different dishes are.

Worth it or not? You decide.

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As the man who posted this picture put it, “meh.”


Not sure what’s up with all that cutlery, but that salmon sure looks good.

SINGAPORE AIR: Economy Class

Is this photo blurry? Or is this meal just unidentifiable glop?

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Source: http://www.thisisinsider.com/business-class-versus-economy-meals-2017-7


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