Chipotle shut down a restaurant after reports customers became violently ill — here’s where you should eat instead

Qdoba Chipotle 5

With news that Chipotle’s food poisoning scandals may not be over yet, many customers are looking for alternatives. 

On Tuesday, news broke the Chipotle had shut down a restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, after multiple reports of customers getting sick after eating there. 

Eight people reported illnesses — including “vomiting violently,” fevers, and “violent stomach cramps” — to the website 

Chipotle told Business Insider that it is aware of the illnesses and has notified local health officials. However, with the news coming just as the company is recovering from its 2015 E. coli scandal, many customers may prefer to find alternatives than to give Chipotle another chance. 

One option: Qdoba, a 700-location chain that goes head-to-head with Chipotle when it comes to burritos and other fast-casual Tex-Mex fare. Here’s how the two compare — and why Qdoba could be the perfect Chipotle replacement. 

The contenders meet: Qdoba and Chipotle, equal orders of chicken burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and guacamole to try. Chipotle is still pushing a litany of literary sources on their bags, while Qdoba displays more peculiar artwork.

First up burritos, with Qdoba on the left and Chipotle on the right. We all know and love the humble, delicious burrito, and unlike the last Business Insider Chipotle showdown, the sizes here are similar — no early edge.

Qdoba’s offering is tightly packed, holding together despite being halved. There’s a large amount of rice, and it could use more chicken. Upon tasting, Qdoba’s advantage is clear: queso. Qdoba offers numerous types of quesos ranging from mild to very spicy, which adds a dense richness to the burrito. It’s incredibly filling, and still tastes fresh. And at $7.80 with free guac — a complete game-changer — it’s a great value.

See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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