The ‘six-pack mom’ hits back at her critics with a stunning nude photo shoot while 6 months pregnant

Sarah Stage Pregnancy Instagram

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Lingerie model Sarah Stage posted nude photos to Instagram while six months pregnant.
  • Stage’s bump is barely visible in the photo.
  • The photos come just after Stage was criticized for posting a video of herself doing crunches while pregnant.
  • Some people who commented on the nude photos questioned the health of her baby, while others defended Stage by saying that a small bump is natural for her.
  • It’s important to remember that every woman carries differently, and the size of a baby bump isn’t always an indication of how healthy that baby is.

Sarah Stage, the lingerie model who has become known as the “six-pack mom,” is in the limelight yet again after posting two nude photos on her Instagram, revealing that she’ll be giving birth to a boy.

Stage — who is six months pregnant with her second child — recently faced criticism for posting a video of herself doing crunches while pregnant, an exercise that many commentors claimed was unsafe for a pregnant woman to do.

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