This woman recreated her favorite study abroad photos 30 years later, and it’s incredible how little has changed


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Lisa Werner lived in Germany as a student in 1986 and 1987. When she revisited several cities in Germany and France on a recent trip, she recreated photos she had taken 30 years ago.
  • Werner, a California-based photographer, posted the nostalgic side-by-side photos online as part of a photo series called “Then and Now — same location but thirty years later.”
  • She said she was surprised by how little the cities had changed since her last visit, but how much photography has improved over the past 30 years.

Lisa Werner studied abroad in Germany in 1986, and as many American students do, she documented her experience in photos. Thirty years later, she returned to some of the exact locations of her photos and recreated them for the ultimate “Throwback Thursday.”

Now a photographer based in California, Werner decided to share the old and new photos side-by-side online.

“I thought it would be a fun project for my photography YouTube Channel,” Werner said of her inspiration for the project.

Keep scrolling for more photos from Werner’s series, titled “Then and Now — same location but thirty years later.”

FullSizeRender 3

“It felt like I was on a fun Easter egg hunt, and I was sad when I found my last exact location in Cologne, Germany. I was disappointed that I didn’t scan more than 13 old photos before I left for the trip,” Werner told INSIDER.Lisa WernerWerner included captions on the photos posted on her blog. In the photo below, Werner pointed out how much the tree in the background has grown since the original photo was taken.Lisa WernerRegarding the photo below, Werner described how she was able to get such accurate shots for her recreation photos. “I was alone on the bridge and had to recruit a group of German students to accurately re-create the scene,” she said.Lisa Werner“I was amazed at how the locations didn’t change, and how much photography has improved. [The originals] were old film photos, and the new ones were taken with my iPhone,” Werner said.Lisa Werner

Strasbourg, France, seems frozen in time.Lisa Werner

For more snaps check out the video, below.


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