29 outrageous times when celebrities crashed weddings

tom hanks crashes wedding

No one wants a wedding crasher. But a celebrity wedding crasher? Well, that’s a different story.

In general, celebrities do weird things and seem to live by a different set of rules. Often, that’s a bad thing. But when the greatest basketball player alive or the Queen of England herself and taking selfies with you and wishing you the best, it’s hard to complain.


Here are 29 times celebrities crashed other people’s weddings.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z stumbled on a quiet seaside wedding.

The power couple spent Beyoncé’s 2014 birthday weekend vacationing in Portofino, a small and scenic Italian fishing village also known for its resorts.

According to Elle, they passed by a small church while taking a stroll. Noticing a wedding was inside, they crashed it, and Beyoncé took a few photos with the bride that made their way online.

“I didn’t know that Beyonce and Jay-Z were there! It was a big surprise!” the bride, Sara Carafa, told E!. “I only asked them if they would take a photo with me…Jay-Z told me ‘No, we are on vacation’…Bey was super nice! She told me ‘Suuuureee! Come here!’ And she gave me a hug! She told me that I was ‘so beautiful’ and my dress was gorgeous…And then she congratulated me… I love her!”

A wedding photographer convinced Snoop Dogg to step in.

Snoop didn’t so much crash this wedding as get roped into it. In a late summer wedding in 2014, a photographer for a wedding at Chicago’s Hard Rock Cafe saw Snoop stepping out of his limo. The photographer — who was “Snoop’s biggest fan,” the groom’s mother told ABC — convinced the rapper and his entourage to say hello.

“They had a great conversation and a ton of laughs inside the bar,” the groom’s mother said. “Snoop was a blast to be around.”

Snoop later posted a photo with the couple on Instagram.

Taylor Swift crashed a ceremony and sang “Blank Space.”

Swift’s surprise wedding appearance is a perfect of example of how celebrities can do it right. Swift attended the nuptials after weeks of coordinating with the groom’s sister, who knew the couple were both huge fans.

The sister told Swift that the couple wed earlier that year in the hospital where the groom’s mother spent her final days, so they could share the moment with her.

The wedding ceremony’s DJ, Michael Klebacher, told Billboard that Swift’s appearance and performance was “cathartic.”

“I didn’t know anything really until about an hour beforehand,” Klebacher said. “If I wasn’t a Swiftie before this weekend, I am now.”

Because Swift took the time to dress nicely and perform a song at the couple’s request, Swift’s appearance also came off as an altruistic move. She wasn’t someone who was trying to look cool for the press.

“There are already people all over the internet who are saying, ‘Oh, this is such a cold and calculated move by Taylor for promotion,’ but nothing that I’ve seen would indicate that at all,” Klebacher said. “I’m not seeing anything other than complete altruism.”

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