Poor font choice on a tote bag accidentally made ‘glitter’ look like ‘Hitler’ — and people are freaking out


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Belle Chic, an online retailer, is under fire for selling a bag that looks like it says “My favorite color is Hitler.”
  • The bag actually said “My favorite color is glitter.”
  • This horrifying misprint is the result of bad font choice.
  • People were not happy. 
  • Belle Chic pulled the bag and re-released it using a different font.

The fashion world certainly has its fair share of controversies.

Belle Chic, an online retailer, found itself at the center of the drama on July 23 when a poor font choice transformed a tote bag from girly to problematic.

Because the designer used an illegible script font, it looked like a tote bag sold by Belle Chic said “My favorite color is Hitler” instead of “My favorite color is glitter.”


A picture of the bag went viral, and, needless to say, the internet had a lot of thoughts about it.

Some people were confused about how this happened. 



Meanwhile, some Twitter users had a snarky field day.

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