Here’s the major problem behind celebrities’ “no makeup” selfies that no one is talking about

Gal Gadot Instagram Selfie

The INSIDER Summary:

  • With the help of several celebrities, “no makeup” selfies are taking over the internet.
  • Although gorgeous, these photos don’t do much to inspire confidence. 
  • Instead, they are sometimes viewed as examples of what natural beauty should look like.
  • Greater transparency could be the key to helping others truly embrace their natural beauty. 

For millions of social media users, taking and posting selfies is routine practice.

Going bare-faced without makeup or a photo filter, however, is not as common. But recently, the idea of “less is more” has become more popular — especially on social media.

Several celebrities including Alicia Keys, Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga, and Heidi Klum have endorsed the “no makeup” trend on Instagram, ditching their glamorous looks for a softer approach.

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