Rays pitcher Chris Archer issues ‘Declaration of Unfriendliness’ against Astros mascot after comparison to Jaden Smith

Chris Archer and Orbit

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer took his friendly beef with the Houston Astros mascot to a new level on Monday night.

Archer issued a “Declaration of Unfriendliness” to the prank-minded Orbit.

According to the Declaration, “A STATE OF DISCORD” has existed between the two and Archer vows to retaliate with “a campaign of PRANKS, GAGS AND HIGH JINKS (sic).” You can see the full text of the letter below.

Here is Archer delivering the letter:


It is unclear when Archer became a regular target of Orbit’s pranks, but the first high-profile incident occurred in 2015 when Orbit compared Archer to Jaden Smith.

In addition to their Archer’s and Smith’s similar appearances, the two also like to fill their social media with throught-provoking messages.


Orbit later crumpled up the letter and even ate the phone of Rays sideline reporter Alex Corddry when she tried to take a photo of the letter.


During Monday’s game, Orbit donned a disguise as he tried to sneak up on Archer from behind.

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