A tabloid told women that ‘big boobs’ are back in fashion — and people are furious

rihanna emrata 3

The INSIDER Summary:

  • On July 31, The Sun published a story that argued that large breasts have come back into fashion.
  • The story went viral after the New York Post republished it.
  • People on Twitter are furious with the story.
  • Calling body parts a “trend” is problematic.
  • Not to mention, this story pits women against each other and body-shames them.

It seems that every season there’s a new trend report telling women what to wear and how to dress. 

But on July 31, UK tabloid The Sun went too far with its trend forecasting, when it published a story with the headline: “Big boobs bounce back as having an out-and-proud cleavage is now in — while having small boobs is no longer fashionable.”

The story struck a chord with readers and went viral after it was picked up by the New York Post, with the headline: “Boobs are back in a big way.”

Even though the article praised stars like Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, and Rita Ora for embracing their curves, it simultaneously tore down women with different body types.

People on social media were furious.






Some Twitter users responded with a touch of humor. 



While the strong reactions prompted by the story speak for themselves, it’s worth pointing out why the story is so problematic.

Although the idea that breasts are making a “comeback” might seem like a victory for curvy women, any competition that pits women against each other is automatically a losing battle.

And even the praise the writer offered felt uncomfortable at times. For example, the story applauded Ora for “flaunting her impressive cleavage” while on vacation.

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