A woman posted side-by-side photos to expose the truth behind the perfect Instagram

Sara Puhto 

The INSIDER Summary: 

  • Fitness blogger Sara Puhto recently shared side-by-side photos of her posed and unposed body on Instagram.
  • In one photo, she was relaxed; in the other, she was flexing and posing.
  • Puhto’s post reminds her followers that photos posted on the app are usually heavily edited, posed, or unnatural.


Sara Puhto has posted everything from vegan meals to armpit hair on her Instagram account. 

The 20-year-old Finnish blogger, who has over 156,000 Instagram followers, also loves posting side-by-side photos of her posed and unposed body to show the difference that it can make.

Recently, Puhto demonstrated this again with two photos taken at the beach, which we first spotted on Yahoo! In the photo on the left, she has a more natural, relaxed pose; in the photo on the right, she appears to be flexing.

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