I’m a Londoner and spent 3 months living in Berlin — here are 13 things that surprised me about day to day life

The Brandenburg Gate is illuminated with the colours of the British flag to show solidarity with the victims of the recent attack in London, in Berlin, Germany, March 23, 2017.

Moving to a new city is an experience I whole-heartedly recommend. It’s one of the things everyone should do before they turn 30 — especially anyone living in Britain, as there are so many great European cities nearby that could soon become much harder to access.

The experience of moving to a new place will open your eyes and broaden your mind more than you can imagine.

I moved to Berlin at the end of February and spent three incredible months living in the German capital.

As you might expect, there were plenty of things I — a 28-year-old who has lived in London for the last six years — didn’t know about life in Berlin and Germany.

Here are 13 things that surprised me when I moved to the city.

Just how prevalent and popular kebabs and currywurst are.

They’re everywhere, especially in neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg and Neukolln, which have well-established Turkish communities. At around €3 (£2.70) for a kebab and €2 (£1.80) for currywurst (sausage with curry ketchup), it’s easy to see why these naughty snacks are lapped up by both locals and tourists.

How much quieter Berlin is than London.

Compared to London, Berlin is incredibly chilled. There’s significantly less people (three million vs. nine million) and it’s noticeable almost everywhere you go. You’ll rarely find yourself stuck behind someone on the pavement, and traffic jams around Alexanderplatz are very tame compared to what you find around Oxford Street or Bank.

The prolific use of the word “super.”

Germans have developed a soft spot for the word “super.” They say “that night was super fun” or “that brunch was super awesome,” for example.

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