Target is selling a T-shirt for girls that has nothing to do with ‘ponies and princesses’ — and people love it

marie curie

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Target is selling a line of science and education-themed shirts for girls.
  • Brand Cat & Jack makes the T-shirt collection, which also highlights subjects like literature and astronomy.
  • The most popular shirt celebrates the scientist Marie Curie, who was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize.
  • People on Reddit and Twitter are loving this display of girl power.

Clothes for young boys often have messages about strength and career aspirations, while items marketed to girls usually feature images of princesses. Some even tell them they are “too pretty to do homework.”

But Target is doing something to change that.

As Reddit user Justin Barr pointed out in a recent post, the retailer is selling a line of education-themed shirts for girls through its brand, Cat & Jack.

“Props to Target for carrying girls[‘] clothes with something other than ponies and princesses,” Barr wrote in his post, along with this photo his daughter Giulia wearing this Marie Curie T-shirt.

Barr told INSIDER that his daughter picked out the T-shirt at the store herself.

Here’s a closer look at the shirt:

marie curie shirt

The T-shirt — which is becoming popular on the internet — encourages kids to “stay curious” and celebrates Curie’s accomplishments. As the back of the shirt points out, Curie discovered the elements radium and polonium and became the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize. Now that’s a role model to look up to.

The line also includes shirts that promote chemistry, astronomy, literature, and art, among other school subjects and career paths. The collection even features a NASA T-shirt.

Here are some of our favorites:

raindbow shirtchemistanimals

People on the internet can’t get enough of the shirts.

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