6 women became BFFs after a man scheduled dates with all of them in the same night

Twitter gals

The INSIDER Summary:

  • A woman shared a crazy story of catching her date meeting up with six different women in one night on Twitter.
  • She intercepted the women and they all became friends. 
  • Twitter is loving the story. 

We’ve all been on some horrible dates, but not everyone has five other people with the exact same tale. But that’s exactly what happened to Lisette Pylant on Monday evening.

Pylant shared her unlikely and crazy story on Twitter after she said she showed up at a Washington, DC, bar to find that her date had six other dates lined up immediately after her, first spotted by Madison Malone Kircher on New York Magazine’s Select All

Pylant first explained to her Twitter audience that her friends set her up on a date on her birthday to try and get her to stop talking to her ex. Before she got to the bar where they were meeting, her friends warned her that the guy wasn’t great, but she decided to go anyway. 

She said that about 45 minutes into her date, he “friend-zoned” her to try and end it before his next date “Katie” showed up. She tipped off that woman of his plan, but the pair soon realized he had an additional four other women he was planning to meet with that night as well. 

Instead of getting mad, the women slowly grew their ranks as each additional date showed up and became friends over drinks and dinner at another nearby bar. They decided to memorialize the night with a group photo.

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