Step inside the ‘Made in China’ capital of the world, where you can find everything from pacifiers to Christmas ornaments

made in china

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Yiwu International Trade City in Yiwu, China, is known as “Commodity City.”
  • It’s the world’s largest wholesale market.
  • Photographer Raffaele Petralla spent a month documenting the items sold there and the people who sell them.

If you’ve ever bought Christmas decorations or children’s toys, chances are they came from Yiwu, China.

Yiwu International Trade City, known as “Commodity City,” is home to the world’s largest wholesale market — 46 million square feet, to be exact, with over 62,000 booths inside. 65-70% of these products are exported to over 215 countries and regions.

When photographer Raffaele Petralla read about Commodity City in Confessions of an Eco-Sinner” by Fred Pierce, he knew he wanted to document the streets lined with wholesale merchandise and the people who call the city home.

Here are his incredible photos of the place where most “Made in China” products come from.

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Yiwu International Trade City is the world’s largest wholesale market located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

Its five districts total 46 million square feet and house 62,000 booths.

There are 400,000 different kids of products available to order at wholesale prices.

See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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