Chipotle shuts down restaurant after customer posts video of mice scurrying around (CMG)

chipotle mice

Chipotle has shut down a restaurant in Dallas because of rodent problems.

The company closed the restaurant on Tuesday, three weeks after a customer posted a viral video of mice scurrying around the store’s floor, Chipotle told Business Insider.

The customer claimed that the rodents had fallen from the restaurant’s ceiling. 

Chipotle immediately acknowledged the problem and said it fixed a gap that had given the rodents access to the restaurant. 

Now three weeks later, the company is closing the location to further assess the construction of the building, Chipotle spokeswoman Quinn Kelsey told Business Insider.

“We have temporarily closed the Chipotle restaurant in Dallas’ historic West End District at 208 North Market Street so we can continue to thoroughly assess the construction of this 100-year-old building,” Kelsey said. “Employees have been given the option to relocate to nearby Chipotle locations while our teams are evaluating the building.”

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