Here are the new bright colored MLB uniforms that will include player nicknames for all 30 teams

MLB Uniforms

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Association have announced that all teams will wear special brightly colored uniforms for the first-ever “Players Weekend” August 25-27.

In addition to the bright colors, the uniforms will also feature player nicknames on the back, and according to, who first broke the news and the photos, other uniform restrictions will be loosened to allow players to wear things like customized cleats and bats.

This is a popular trend in pro sports. The NFL has their “Color Rush” uniforms for Thursday night games and for one weekend during the 2016 season they allowed players to wear customized cleats to support their favorite charities.

The NBA has allowed players to occasionally wear nicknames on the back of their uniforms for special designated games in recent seasons. Individual MLB teams and players have used nicknames on the back of their jerseys in the past (e.g. the 1976 Atlanta Braves), but the most notable instance of nicknames on uniforms was the short-lived XFL football league.

Below is a look at all of the MLB uniforms and the nicknames that have been released so far.

Amazingly, the actual jerseys look even brighter than the artistic renderings below.

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The MLB “Players Weekend” caps and jerseys are already on sale, naturally.

You can get those here:


But the true level of brightness is best appreciated when just the caps are grouped together.

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All 30 MLB Players Weekend caps, to be worn Aug. 25-27 (as compiled by @sportslogosnet).


The uniforms will have a special modified version of the classic MLB logo. This one features the young player from the Little League logo on the left “growing up” into the MLB logo on the right.

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MLB Players Weekend jerseys, to be worn 8/25-27, include patch for player to write in name of mentor/inspiration (photo by @sportslogosnet)


See the rest of the story at INSIDER


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