The best places to have a destination wedding, according to wedding planners

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • Destination weddings can be more than just seaside ceremonies.
  • Couples are having their weddings all over the world, including Italy and Croatia.
  • In the US, Aspen, Colorado, and New Orleans, Louisiana, are current wedding hotspots.

When you think of the term “destination wedding,” you probably think of an all-inclusive resort by the beach somewhere.

According to wedding planners, however, there are many beautiful, and sometimes unconventional, locations around the world that are great wedding options for all different types of couples. 

INSIDER talked to Amy Shey Jacobs, founder and creative director of Chandelier Events, and Andrea Freeman, founder of Andrea Freeman Events, about current destination wedding trends.

Picking a location with convenience in mind depends on where the couple is based, according to Freeman. For couples on the West Coast, weddings in Western Canada and Hawaii are easier to plan, while on the East Coast, it’s easier to travel to Europe and the Caribbean.

Keep reading for the best locations for destination weddings, according to experts. 

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia has become a popular vacation destination in the past few years, according to Jacobs, which also means that it has seen a recent increase in weddings that offer “a different side of Europe.” It is also relatively inexpensive, at least for European standards.

The mix of glamour and an old-world feel is what makes Dubrovnik stand out as an ideal wedding location. 


Aspen, Colorado

Many people only associate Aspen with wintertime activities, but the ski town is beautiful year-round. You can even get married at the top of Aspen Mountain, which features stunning views of the Rockies.

Aspen offers many opportunities for a lavish mountain wedding, and Jacobs points out that the area is also very conducive to wedding planning. There are hotels all over town, and many are within walking distance so guests can easily stay at different properties.

“If you’re going to have people in a venue for three to four days and you’re only in the confines of that one venue, there’s more burden to bear for the couple,” Jacobs said. Aspen has plenty to offer in terms of activities, which will make the wedding more enjoyable for couples and their guests

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, is known for its gorgeous beaches and Mayan ruins, which make for an amazing wedding photo backdrop. 

“It’s still a little bit under the radar,” Jacobs said. “It’s got this artsy, bohemian vibe. I’d say it’s really ‘Instagram hot’ right now.”

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